Competitive intelligence in Twitter streams

Tweet Stats is a web service that measures Twitter posts and replies. Simply by entering a Twitter username, anyone can see Tweets per hour, month, a Tweet timeline and statistics of replies to Tweets.

Once a username is entered, the graphs will take some time to analyze a load, around three minutes (which, in the Internet world, feels like a very long time). Once it's loaded, though, the graphs are quite diverse, and show the following statistics:

  • A Tweet Timeline: Tweets per day and per month. It also has a zoom feature to see statistics for any particular month.
  • A Tweet Density graph: This shows when the most tweets are sent by a given username.
  • Aggregate Daily Tweets: Obviously, the total quantity of tweets each day.
  • Aggregate Hourly Tweets: See above, but for hours instead of days.
  • Replies To: This graph shows how many replies a given username has done. This could be very useful with competitive intelligence as it would allow a company to see whom its competitors are replying to the most (perhaps the most important clients or prospects).
  • Interface Used: Shows the user's favorite mode of tweeting (or at least their most commonly used modes).
  • Who You Retweet: Shows the user's retweet stats and whom they are retweeting the most.

Additional features include TweetCloud (for the username's most commonly used words), and Follower Stats, which allow viewing the username's changes in friends and followers.

All in all, this could be a very useful tool for competitive intelligence insofar as looking into what competitors are saying, whom they are speaking to the most and how they are tweeting. While it may not be as useful as websites that include Facebook statistics, it is certainly a useful tool that could have good potential for gathering competitive intelligence.