Competitive intelligence in China

The 7th Annual China Competitive Intelligence Conference takes place in Beijing (at the Beijing JingTaiLong International Hotel in the Chongwen District) from November 13 to 15, 2011. It looks like an interesting event to attend, organized by the China Institute of Competitive Intelligence.

Some of the speakers for this year include:

  • Scott Leeb (Prudential Retirement)
  • Suki Fuller (Competitive Intelligence professional)
  • Jean-Marie Rousseau (Territorial Intelligence)
  • Patrice Francois (Digimind)

A full list of experts can be found on the conference's 'experts' page. It will be fascinating to see whether/how these speakers contextualize their usual competitive intelligence teachings into a Chinese environment. Unsurprisingly, the focus will be on China and serving this particular area in its many industries. Many Chinese language based workshops will be offered. Workshops will include competitive intelligence consulting for clients in China, competitive strategy in the healthcare industry, competitive intelligence practice and application in renewable energy and wind power, and a competitive intelligence case study of Thomson Reuters (the business behind World Check, which we recently covered for competitive intelligence).

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend as it clashes with other commitments, but if you are going – we would be delighted to hear from you and hopefully someone will live tweet the sessions.