Competitive intelligence from Jigsaw

Jigsaw is an online service that collects contact details for business executives, and sells these on. Data is collected from many sources, not least from contributions made by users, who receive credits for entering contact details. These credicts can then be used to download contact details of people listed on Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a less comprehensive database than LinkedIn: Jigsaw typically lists about 10% of employees for any given company, but has fuller contact details (email and telephone) and can be easier to search. Clearly, Jigsaw is a useful tool for competitive intelligence, as the website lists the name of many competitor employees, along with full contact details. Below are some examples of what is available on Jigsaw.

First, the image below shows a search for Coca Cola employees who work in branding:

And the next image shows an example of actual contact details for a Unilever employee:

The main purpose of Jigsaw is to help salespeople find contacts, but obviously it can be a very useful resource for competitive intelligence. In particular, it is invaluable for building organization charts and understanding how individual departments are structured.

Jigsaw scores

Usefulness: 9/10

Ease of use: 7/10

Comprehensiveness: 9/10

Overall score: 9/10