Competitive intelligence companies: industry landscape

What does the competitive intelligence industry look like? Inspired by LUMA's map of the display advertising industry, and other such graphics, we have put together a competitive intelligence industry landscape.

It can be a bit tricky assembling such things for public consumption, since we are deciding where some companies go, and they may not agree. In particular, we have limited companies to appearing in one category only - otherwise it would get very confusing. Companies might want to be in full service and strategy and even secondary. Some companies would want to be in software and secondary, some in software and full service. It would be unnecessarily complicated.

Also, we have not included every company. With dozens of primary/full service companies and hundreds of secondary researchers, that would be unfeasible. Where possible, we have included the more notable companies.

That said, if we have made gross errors, let us know.

Here you go, click here or on the image for the full size version: