Building an org chart for competitor analysis

We have written before about building org charts for competitor analysis.  

Another tool is Human Concepts’s Organizational Planning Suite. This is an online platform (no hardware or downloadable software) that allows users to view and review organizational charts. It is meant for comprehensive org charts that give a great deal of information on any given employee in a compact amount of space.

The interface is a simple, data input and point-and-click affair that allows the user to check out anyone in the company – including years of service, salary, date of hire, performance rating, global location, headcount, and other pertinent information. The platform offers a great level of visual appeal and arrangement that can help with organizing projects; it is entirely web-based, so that it can be easily used and updated by different members of the research team.

The suite is intended for HR departments but its application to competitive intelligence is obvious. Overall, Human Concepts Organizational Planning Suite is an interesting tool for a task that is always difficult and complicated to manage. In our experience, building complete org charts of competitors is possible, but it requires commitment. Building an org chart for, say, Google can take 6-12 month and then needs regular maintenance. While this Human Concepts platform does little to help with the masses of data harvesting required, it does help with the fiddly task of presenting the org chart (Aqute has done this with proprietary tools, with PowerPoint and with Excel, and none of these is perfect for the task).