Building a list of competitive intelligence companies

I am trying to publish a list of full service competitive intelligence companies. They must have a website and be properly focused on competitive intelligence. That excludes:

  • General market research companies: companies like Synovate analyze competitors from time to time, but that would extend the list to every market research company in the world
  • General strategy boutiques: even McKinsey do competitive intelligence, but that does not really make them a 'competitive intelligence company'. On the other hand, Frost & Sullivan barely mention competitive intelligence on their website, so some subjective selection is required
  • Semi-spy agencies like Hakluyt or corporate risk companies like Kroll
  • Information specialists focused on secondary research: someone like Karen Blakeman is certainly focused on competitive intelligence, but (I believe) does not do primary research, so is not full service. I may come back to this category with a new list, but I would need an angle on why my list would be better than the AIIP list

SCIP does have a list, but it is selective (it may be paid inclusion). It omits companies like competitive intelligence giants Aqute (because we are too cheap to pay); Frost & Sullivan, who have been in competitive intelligence since 1492; and social media powerhouse Competia.

Here is my first draft, have I missed anyone out, or included anyone wrongly? Please leave suggestions in the comments, or tweet @aquteintel.

  1. Affinis
  2. Aqute Intelligence
  3. Aurora WDC
  4. AWARE
  5. Cascade Insights
  6. Cast Intelligence
  7. China Institute of Competitive Intelligence
  8. ChinaCIR
  9. Cipher
  10. CIS
  11. Clew
  12. Combs Inc
  13. Competia
  14. DC Analytics
  15. Die Denkfabrik
  16. EMP Intelligence
  17. European Agency
  18. Fletcher/CSI
  19. Fred Wergeles
  20. Frost & Sullivan
  21. Fuld & Co
  22. Global Intelligence Alliance
  23. I-Intelligence
  24. Infiniti Research
  25. Intelligence Source
  26. Intelligentsia
  27. ISIS
  28. KMC
  29. MindShifts
  30. Miniera
  31. Neon Flag
  32. Outward Insights
  33. Perpetual Strategist
  34. POLUS
  35. Proactive Worldwide
  36. Quantumiii
  37. Rauch Associates
  38. RivalScape
  39. Sedulo Group
  40. Sharp Market
  41. SIS
  42. Trinity Square

Suggestions, comments most welcome!

Edit: deleted ClearCI and GIA, see comments below.

Edit: adding ChinaCIR (also here).

Edit: added GIA back in, see comments below.

Edit: added POLUS, I-intelligence.

Edit: deleted Competitive Insight, which is the same company as Intelligence Source.

Edit: added Clew.

Edit: added DC Analytics.