Background checks for competitive intelligence

World Check is a company that allows for risk-reduction in the global corporate community. While it is not competitive intelligence in the strictest sense, World Check allows for background checking and to see a competitor's reputation in terms of geopolitical risk, risk screening, and due diligence reports. It can help lay a foundation for a global competitive intelligence project.

World Check has programs that will allow a company to gather comprehensive information regarding cost of labor, government stability, counterfeiting prevalence in said country, government official corruption, and failings of anti-money laundering controls for the area. This would certainly help any corporation looking to start business in a certain area (and to lay the groundwork for competitive intelligence for their competitors in that area).

The risk screening feature can allow a corporation to investigate potential partnerships prior to entering them. There are research analysts on five continents that gather intelligence on terrorism, organized crime links, and insurgency. They gather information that can be vital for a company looking to avoid a corporate-level faux pas.

The end-user can access the multitude of data in a number of ways – through an online portal, desktop for single users, servers for high volumes of data, and hosted solutions for areas where IT is limited. The accessibility is impressive – and can be worth it for those who are planning large competitive intelligence projects.

World Check has solutions for fourteen different areas of industry – aeronautics, automotive, travel and leisure industry, telecommunications, the gaming and gambling industries, construction, metals and mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, financial services, sports, technology, the public sector, and professional services. It is a comprehensive fact-finder.

To summarize, World Check is more foundational than anything else – and can be very useful for those corporations who want to set up competitive intelligence projects, or hope to find out as much as possible regarding an area before going in to do business (and wind up with egg on their face due to some embarrassing scandal of corruption, for example).