Adapting Worldometers for competitive intelligence portals

Worldometers is an innovative website that tracks real time statistics in an addictive 'countdown' format.

The Worldometers team have chosen reliable sources for various categories of information that they monitor and assembled a pretty simple interface. Data monitored includes, for example, world population, computers sold, and barrels of oil pumped. Clearly many of these are merely examples and could equally well have been replaced by other types of information (for example, instead of computers sold, you could see cars sold or airplanes built).

Although the data is mildly interesting here, the main relevance of this tool for competitive intelligence is to mimic this counter. The tool is not difficult to copy, but would require someone with coding knowledge. Alternatively, Worldometers will let you license their own code, although the costs for doing that could soon mount up. Either way, this is is a good feature for, for example, the front page of a competitive intelligence portal.

ToolsSimon Lunt