5 ways to find competitor employees (competitive intelligence)

This post will highlight some searches that will show you whom your competitor has hired. The examples use Google, but as the BBC always say, other search engines are available. Like most searches, there is some fuzziness about them, so that not all results will be relevant.

  1. This search will tend to show people whose recruitment has been press released, and as such who tend to be more senior appointments.
  2. This search will tend to show results from employees describing their own work, or from references by their own peers.
  3. This search can contain less relevant examples than some of the others, and many of the results refer to past employment, but there will still be useful competitive intelligence here.
  4. Particularly in the US, it is common for academics to list their resumes on their university-provided pages, making them searchable. The custom is not exclusive to the US: here are the equivalent UK results.
  5. While CV databases are in themselves a rich source of information about competitor employees, they will usually not have names, so public searches can provide some of this detail.

The results of these searches will rarely be comprehensive, but in competitive intelligence, every little helps.